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Ambiville Quickie: Some Yuletide Joy
It was the Christmas Season in Ambiville, and the Ambivillians are getting decorations set up. However, in the midst of the great time of cheer, there was but one girl who was not feeling all that jolly. Ambipucca, in spite of the good that happened to her, was feeling down on herself as she sat on a park bench. She sat all on her lonesome, sighing. A human man, Zach, walked on by. He soon sat next to her.
"Hey. Why the long face?" Asked the ebony-haired misadventurer.
"Oh, this year wasn't all that good." Replied Ambi. Her head hung low. "All the celebrity deaths and whatnot... I even had to cut ties with someone named Josefu. Our friendship didn't work out, because it was increasingly clear that we had too little in common with each other." Zach sighed.
"Ah, yes. Gene Wilder biting it was a real downer." Said the misadventurer. "And speaking of cutting ties with someone, I remember this Redryan guy. He was way too picky for my liking, and when it came to Pokemon, he was a little too
:iconsplendiferuscakeface:SplendiferusCakeface 4 0
Mature content
Boingy Bits Ordinance :iconsplendiferuscakeface:SplendiferusCakeface 2 0
Mature content
Ambi Quickie: Halloween Convention :iconsplendiferuscakeface:SplendiferusCakeface 3 0
Deviant Boom: Shadows of the Past - Part 6
After Tangy had recovered her whole memory, someone called the Kaiser Puppet showed up to take her with him. Our heroes were still shocked from this...
"I just can't believe what I saw! Tangy just outright betrayed us!" Mike was shouting
"Calm down, Mike." said Sergio "We just need to follow her."
"But where did they take her to?" asked Ambipucca
"I'm sure those guys didn't notice the tracking device I put on her..." said Sakurako "All I need to do is take out my PDA and we'll see where she is."
She took it out and found an illuminated point in the map.
"Found her! She's in that way" said Sakurako as she pointed somewhere in the distance
Eventually, they arrived at another abandoned building.
"I don't remember seeing this place before. Did they make it in the last minute?" said Lollie
"What's more important now is that Tangy is inside here. Come on! We gotta rescue her!" said Numa rushing inside, followed by the rest of the crew.
The insides of the dungeon looked like if they were in t
:iconsergy92:Sergy92 3 6
Deviant Boom: Shadows of the Past - Part 5
The Deviant Boom crew arrived at the last place they had to visit.
"So this is it. The final dungeon." said Mike
"How are you feeling, Tangy?" asked Numa "You're about to get your whole memories back."
"If I can be honest, I'm quite nervous." said Tangy
"You're still thinking about that Melissa, don't you?" asked Sergio
"Yeah..." she replied
"I'm only deducting here." said Kryss suddenly "But, by putting together what we have so far, I can figure out who Melissa really is. Or was."
"What do you mean?" asked Lollie
"When we first found Tangy, she completely acted like a robot, but when we defeated the Lumberjack Puppet, we found some files that gave her the ability to speak and act like a real person. Then we defeated the Venus Puppet, and Tangy had a faint memory of her not being an android her whole life, like if she was human time ago. And recently we defeated the Pixel Puppet, which granted us the profile of Melissa, even though it had no picture." explained Kryss
"So what you're sa
:iconsergy92:Sergy92 4 8
GIFT: Ambi's Special B-Day
A special birthday is coming for her friend Ambi thus giving Hannah the idea to throw her a party. She sent out an invitation to come to her house for her friend's celebration. It gave Hannah enough time to prepare everything in order to throw Ambi a successful birthday party.
"I'm so excited to throw my good friend Ambipucca a party," Hannah smiled. "Wait until she tries on this birthday balloon suit like how I did last year for my creator's b-day," she added and held up a special birthday balloon suit with Ambi's name on it.
Just then, the oven dinged its timer as the chocolate cake was ready to be taken out and cooled off. Hannah waited for the cake to get cooler and decorated on it after she applied chocolate icing on it.
After icing the whole cake, she added snow white shell icing for the borders like when you would see how cakes are made in bakeries. She then added a mix of bunny sprinkles all around the cake, wrote "Happy Birthday Ambipucca" in white icing, and finished it by pu
:iconhannahdoma:HannahDoma 10 0
Deviant Boom: Shadows of the Past - Part 4
The Deviant Boom crew had arrived at their next destination.
"Here we are, the third dungeon. We're halfway through, guys!" said Numa
"I hope there isn't anything embarrassing like in the last one." replied Lollie
"Me too..." continued Sergio
"Guys, is it me or this place looks a bit pixelated?" said Sakurako
"You're right. The entrance looks like it was made of pixels. Maybe this area has a videogame motif put into it." said Kryss
"Come on, we gotta restore more of Tangy's memories!" ordered Sergio
The crew entered the dungeon and, indeed, it looked like an old school videogame.
"I hope we don't get stuck here and walk in circles." said Dalton "Anybody has a map and a compass?"
They soon enough encountered a large door.
"Now this is a tempting scene." said Numa "But it seems it's locked."
"We'll have to find the keys then." said Tangy "There are two pathways, so there must be one key on each side."
"Time runs short, so it's for the better that we split up and come back here as soon as
:iconsergy92:Sergy92 5 8
Deviant Boom - Shrunken companions by Sergy92 Deviant Boom - Shrunken companions :iconsergy92:Sergy92 7 4
Deviant Boom: Shadows of the Past - Part 3
One shopping trip later, Tangy was done dressed up. She now wore a brown sweater with black sleeves and cream-colored pants.
"Well, we've enjoyed ourselves, but I say it's time to head to the next destination." said Kryss "Tangy, you said that you had the location for it stored, right?"
"Yeah, let me give you the coordinates." said Tangy as she borrowed Kryss' map device to transfer the location of the next area where some of Tangy's memories were being stored.
"Alright, let's head there!" said Lollie
One trip later, the crew arrived at another abandoned building, but they moment they entered, their expressions turned into ones of shock.
"What the heck is this place?!" shouted Numa
The lighting and the pink-colored walls of the area were truly a sight to see.
"This looks like an abandoned love hotel..." said Mike
"I wonder if I'll have to answer questions as we get deeper and in the end I'll find my destined partner?" said Sergio
"Wasn't that from something?" asked Sakurako "Anyway, le
:iconsergy92:Sergy92 4 13
Deviant Boom: Shadows of the Past - Part 2
Our heroes continued exploring the abandoned building in the forest, where they found a female android that was nicknamed as Tangy. As they walked by, the crew introduced themselves to her.
"I will make sure to keep your names in my internal storage." said Tangy
"So, just to recap, you suddenly activated here with no memory about why or what you were doing before?" asked Dalton, to which Tangy simply nodded
"But it's obvious that the Puppets want you as they went after you as soon as you activated." said Sergio
"Speaking of that, why are the still Puppets roaming around if we defeated Purpelord months ago?" said Numa
"It truly is a mystery." said Kryss
Suddenly, another group of Puppets showed up to attack the crew.
"OK, this will be a great why to test Tangy's support skills." said Lollie
Tangy put an orange visor around her optics to analyze the battle.
"Healing Breeze activated." she said as she created a dome around the party that would gradually heal them
By combining their powers
:iconsergy92:Sergy92 7 5
Deviant Boom: Shadows of the Past - Part 1
Several months have passed since Sergio and his friends from Deviant Boom defeated Purpelord and his army of Puppets with the help of their new friend Kryss. Now, there was a long era of peace. However, trouble seemed to be stirring up already. Far away in the middle of the ocean, a ship had just found something at the bottom of the ocean.
"Lift the crane." commanded someone to another
The crane rose to the surface and revealed what it was holding: A large piece of metal coated in gold, although slightly charred and covered in seaweed.
"So it was true..." the person from before said "The great Purpelord has fallen. But worry not, my lord, as I'll take the torch from you. Come on, we gotta finish what he started!"
And with that, the ship left to somewhere else.
The next day, at Deviant City, the Deviant Boom crew was getting ready for a day at the beach. Sergio, Mike and Numa were already waiting for their friends to arrive.
"Looks like they're taking their sweet time..." said Numa
:iconsergy92:Sergy92 4 2
Deviant Boom Shadows of the Past - Promo art by Sergy92 Deviant Boom Shadows of the Past - Promo art :iconsergy92:Sergy92 12 6 Deviant Boom - It's time to get wild! by Sergy92 Deviant Boom - It's time to get wild! :iconsergy92:Sergy92 9 1



Roy's our boy!
Thu Aug 31, 2017, 3:34 AM
hello there!
Sun Jul 9, 2017, 3:22 AM
This game is like a monkey balls tied to a steel pole while getting mangledd by flies.
Sun Apr 30, 2017, 6:03 PM
Next thing you know, the AVGN starts singing the Zyuranger theme song.
Fri Apr 14, 2017, 1:19 PM
Suddenly, the AVGN walks in.
Wed Mar 8, 2017, 4:21 PM
No, fuck you
Sun Mar 5, 2017, 10:12 AM
And apparently FE15 and FE16 are gonna come out in the future too. Get excited!
Wed Jan 18, 2017, 7:27 PM
Fire Emblem Warriors coming out soon, folks! I can't wait to get myself a Nintendo Switch!
Fri Jan 13, 2017, 4:22 AM
Sun Sep 18, 2016, 3:38 PM
Fri Aug 19, 2016, 7:27 PM


Ambi's Commission Log X2

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 25, 2017, 9:39 AM
Gonna be naming the commission log in a Megaman X-esque way because why not. Already had a Commission Log X, so I'm gonna name it Commission Log X2!

Anyways, I was going to reopen commissions tomorrow, but knowing that I've had commissions closed for over a month now and I've finished all the commissions I have, I'm going to reopen them a day early. As I've said before when I next reopen commissions, some of the prices have been raised, and I've added a new option for shaded lineart drawings. I've also provided newer and more recent examples for the types of commissions that I accept.

Also, as a side note, since I do not want to be overwhelmed with too many things to do for now, I will not be accepting any batch commissions for a while. When I am ready to do more batch commissions again, I will let you know.

I am currently not accepting batch commissions {2+ commissions from a single person at a time} at the moment. This means only one commission at a time per person.

Commission prices:
- Lineart: 25 points {Example: CM: Hikari's Fluffy Tail by Ambipucca}
- Shaded lineart: 50 points {Example: Karla, the Sword Vassal by Ambipucca}
- Colored: 75 points {Example: Jill Constantine the Squirrel by Ambipucca}
- Colored and shaded: 100 points {Example: CM: Simply Zero by Ambipucca}
- Simple background: +25 extra points
- Complex background: +50 extra points
- Additional characters: +10 extra points per character {maximum 5 characters per drawing}

What I will/won't draw:
Things I may possibly do depending on the details but not all the time:
- Male expansion
- Farting
- FNAF/Animatronics
Things I won't draw at all:
- Scat/Watersports/Vomit/Soiling/Wetting
- Most blood/gore
- Pregnancy
- Vore
- Foot fetish
- Characters from Dora the Explorer
- Trash/Garbage eating
- Real people

Other than that, I'm pretty much open to anything unless it's not of my interest.

Current commissions:
:iconpaunchypersona: - [Paid] Colored and shaded drawing with three additional characters
:iconyukimazan: - [Paid] Colored and shaded drawing with two additional characters
:icontppr10: - [Paid] Colored drawing with one additional character
:icondimensional-expander: - [Paid] Colored drawing with one additional character

Art trade status:
Art trades I owe:
Art trades I'm currently waiting on:

* Please send me a note on the details of your commission; it makes it easier for me to remember. Don't send the details of your commission via comments.
* I am only accepting points for the time being. I do not accept money or gift card commissions, sorry folks.
* I am currently only allowing one picture at a time per person. This means I am not taking batch commissions, which are 2+ commissions at a time from one person, for right now. When I am ready to do batch commissions again, I will let you know.
* Be sure have the points ready for your commission. I've had commissioners in the past that try to get a commission from me before saying they need more points, so please try to have enough points for what you'd like when you commission me.
* I don't take comic or sequence commissions. Sorry, but these kinds of commissions tend to be time-consuming and too much pressure for me as opposed to single-part pictures, and I can't afford to do a lot of comic and sequence commissions at once.
* If you want a preview pic for a commission, and/or if you want the commission to be anonymous or private, please let me know right away.
* Please don't send the points until I approve of the commission idea. I've had points sent to me in the past for a commission when I was closed for them and/or wasn't interested in the idea, and I want to avoid that from happening again.
* Please have patience for your commission. One ask on how your commission's coming along is fine, but if it gets repetitive then it gets on my nerves. As I've said before, I don't like rushing on commissions just so I can have them done. This also includes saying things like "Can you do my commission next please", "I'm tired of waiting for my commission", or "I believe that my commission should be done next", as they encourage rushing.
* I don't take requests. I do accept suggestions but however, I cannot promise that I will actually draw a suggestion idea.
* While I do accept art trades and collabs, I will be picky about who I will do a trade or collab with. While you can ask for an art trade or collab, I can't guarantee that I'll be able to do one with you.

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